The KBH GroupWe are the KBH Group

The KBH Group is comprised of KBH On-Train Media and KBH Digital.

Our activities are focused on the unique, affluent, desirable yet hard-to-reach train-travelling consumer audience along with the ever switched-on digital consumer.

We provide various effective ways for businesses to target and to influence them.

TGI Q3 2014

KBH On-Train Media

KBH On-Train Media has the exclusive contracts for on-train advertising activity with fourteen major train operating companies running routes into London, mainly concentrated in the affluent South-East.

Traincards are proven to increase brand awareness and prompt response, both straight away and later on, helping brands achieve their advertising objectives.

KBH Digital

KBH Digital connects brands with consumers on the go through platform Wi-Fi, transport Wi-Fi and transport entertainment solutions. Our digital advertising opportunities are focused on consumer behaviour generated from first party data.

Via our advertising partners KBH Digital delivers access to unique captive audiences through portfolios comprising various digital channels.